PET CT Scan Price in Delhi

PET CT Scan Cost in Delhi @ 11,000*/-

PET CT Scan in Delhi

PET CT is today gold standard tool to diagnosis about the detection and spread of cancer in any part of body. In PET scan radioactive substance used in very low dose through IV line and images taken by capture in different color coded. It is most advance tool and help the patient to diagnosed about the cancer.

For PET scan patient needed fasting also kidney function of patient should be normal and glucose level should be >200mg /dl.

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Steps to perform PET CT Scan

A PET scan uses a small amount of a radioactive drug, or tracer, to show differences between healthy tissue and diseased tissue. The most commonly used tracer is called FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose), so the test is sometimes called an FDG-PET scan.

Before the pet scan a small amount of fdg is injected into the patient to diagnose the cancer cells because cancer grows at a faster rate then healthy tissue.

The PET scanner detects the radiation given off by the FDG and produces color-coded images of the body that show both normal and cancerous tissue.

Total procedure of PET scan about 2-3 hours. Report of PET CT will ready in 12 to 24 hours in working days.

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